A gentle reminder when you’re tempted to hoard your time

It’s easy to talk about the idea of incorporating Minga into your daily life.  It feels great to say you value spending your time on others.  It’s a lot harder, however, to actually do it.

Since I quit my job last year, my life has changed drastically.  For one thing, I’ve been challenged to create better personal and professional habits.  Personal discipline is an absolute necessity if you’re working for yourself.

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Tips for breaking the ice

On Monday I encouraged you to put yourself out there and meet one of your neighbors.

However, that’s a tall order indeed for someone who’s never put themselves out there before.  If you go to an event, you can at least be fairly certain that the people you meet there share an interest with you.  What do you talk about with someone with whom you may have absolutely nothing in common?  Read on for a few tips for casually and easily breaking the ice with anyone you meet.

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The power of a “bribe”

I have a confession to make.  I’m a shameless briber.  

For months now, I’ve been bribing the mail carrier, leasing agents, and maintenance staff who work at my apartment complex.  Periodically I will randomly show up with cookies, brownies, lemon bars, or some other yummy goodie.  Last week it was a whole loaf of banana bread for every employee!  

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Dear future daughter: I hope you settle

Author’s note: this is not my usual fare at all, so I apologize if it seems out of place. But it’s something that’s been on my heart for a while, and I wanted to share it.  Also, just to clarify, I am NOT currently pregnant 😉

Dear future daughter,

Many years in the future, when you are beginning to look for a husband…I very much hope that you settle.
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Don't give up!

How to push through when you feel like quitting

It’s so easy to sit here at my computer and encourage you to persevere, to push through, not give up, fight for what you believe in.  However, I am fully aware that advice like that is far easier said than done.  I have been there, curled up on the floor wanting nothing more than to give up.  On those days when pushing through seems impossible, try some of these tips to help you keep on keepin’ on.

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What the most grueling challenge of my life taught me

A few years ago, I went backpacking in Peru with a dear friend of mine.  

We didn’t have an agenda, just a month of time and a thirst to see what most tourists don’t.  Our travels took us all over the country – to the southern plains of Nazca and the famous Nazca lines, to the breathtakingly beautiful Machu Picchu, and to the imposing mountains of the north.  

One of my strongest memories from that trip comes from a completely unexpected side-expedition.  

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