The problem with comparing

Are you judging your reality based on other people’s fantasy?

On an impromptu date last week, my husband and I popped into a local bookstore.

As we browsed the shelves, one book caught my eye: “Lord of the Rings Filming locations.”  Since we had been to New Zealand together last year, and even visited the famous Hobbiton, I thought that looking through it together would be a fun, nostalgic walk down memory lane.

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Girls walking down a path

One surprising thing you DON’T need to create good friendships

I recently went to a community-wide cleanup day.

While I was there, I met a lovely Egyptian woman named Fabia*.  She was both friendly and a good worker, and we had some great conversations while we were cleaning together side-by-side.

As we were finishing up, she mentioned that she was moving halfway across the country to Nebraska – the next week.  

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Muslim girl

5 questions to help foster friendship and understanding

I once heard someone say that the root problem of every issue we have in the world today is fear.

While I’m not sure I’d go quite that far, I do believe that fear is behind much of the global conflict – racial, religious, ethnic and more – that we see occurring between people groups.  

We fear people we don’t understand.

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Olympic rings

Why I’m so excited about this year’s Olympics

In honor of the Olympic Games in Rio, I’ve decided to change up my format a bit. I hope you enjoy this article about a new addition to the games that I’m really looking forward to.

I’m terribly excited about the Olympic Games in Rio this month.

Not because of all the drama that’s surrounded them – Zika virus, terrorist threats, water crisis, poor athlete housing, and incomplete buildings.  Even seeing athletes from all over the world performing at the top of their game isn’t what most attracts me.  Although, to be fair, I’m sure that will be an impressive sight over the next few weeks.

What I’m most excited about is the fact that, for the first time in the history of the Games, there’s an official Refugee Olympic team.

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8 practical ways to avoid materialism

8 practical ways to avoid materialism

It’s no secret that materialism is unhealthy.  Countless studies have been done on the impact of materialism on our health, happiness and well-being.  They’ve all come to largely the same conclusion: the more we want, the less satisfied we are with what we have.  

So why is it that so many of us still struggle with it?  We know it’s bad for us, and yet we can’t help but eye that shiny new toy or fancy pair of shoes.  There have been plenty of articles written to try to help their readers overcome materialism.  Many of them, however, don’t offer particularly helpful advice.  

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